Schools Visits

The Education Service runs a Visit Parliament programme, which gives up to 40,000 students a year the chance to visit the Palace of Westminster. Visits are designed for students aged seven to 18 (key stages two to five) and include an education tour followed by a workshop run by Education Service staff. If Caroline is in Parliament, she will also come to talk to the group and answer questions.

Education tours are different from other Parliamentary tours as they are designed to reflect the National Curriculum and focus on the role of Parliament as a legislative body, rather than on the building itself. On their way around the Palace of Westminster, students learn about the characteristics of each of the three parts of Parliament – the Commons, the Lords and the Monarch – and discuss the difference between Parliament and government. They also find out about the process of passing a bill through Parliament, and have the chance to ask questions about how Parliament works.

Education visits (incorporating a tour and workshop) take place throughout the school year, in the autumn, spring and summer terms. Visits must be booked directly with the Education Service by a teacher or member of staff.

If you would like to know more, please do contact the Education Service on 020 7219 4496 or have a look at their website ( to find out more about the content of the day.