My Plan

  • Tackling Congestion on local roads

    Our communities need better roads. As a doctor, I have commuted from my home in Sudbrook to hospitals around the region, so I know first-hand how urgently we must relieve congestion in our towns and villages.  Completing the ring road round Lincoln and making upgrades to the A15 and A17 are all long overdue.

  • Helping Our Shops and Businesses

     It is great to have so many small businesses in our area. Conservatives are already backing local companies by cutting £3,000 from National Insurance bills. Business rates have been cut too.

  • Working Together To Cut Crime

    The types of crime we face locally are different to those in nearby larger towns and cities. As your Conservative MP, I’m best placed to work with Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner and the Government to ensure Lincolnshire gets a fair funding deal.

  • Development That Works For Us

    Having lived locally for eleven years, I understand the impact large scale housing development can have.

    I’ll make sure that any new housing works for us, not just developers.